Wendy Wasserstein: A Selective Annotated Bibliography of Dissertations and Theses

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What Is a Dissertation? New Models, Methods, Media

Within the first 4 weeks of the course, students wrote the two papers that they will spend the next 12 weeks revising using a number of different writing tools and practices. This version of the class focused largely on cultural misunderstanding and empathy. Instructor, Winter Analyzed the representations of machinery in various media from the outset of the industrial revolution to the present day. The course examined discourse surrounding contemporary advances in technology in parallel with 17th and 18th century philosophy concerning the nature of machines as a background to a set of texts ranging from Frankenstein to Blade Runner.

Challenged students to approach a self-selected topic through a number of different writing techniques. These included constructing discipline specific adlibs and scaffolding literature reviews and annotated bibliographies towards a final research project. Instructor, Fall , Winter , Spring Approached the UWP class by centering on the work of David Bartholomae and focusing students on the potentially productive role of error in writing.

Instructor, Winter , Spring Argument, Voice, and Form was a course designed by my colleague Ian Afflerbach and me that works within the UWP framework to get students to imagine all writing occurring within the context of rhetorical frames. The class depended on historically significant arguments to model approaches to persuasive writing.

UWP 1: Expository Writing. An introductory writing course using the first quarter standard teaching parameters to push students to engage with their writing process and the difficulties of field-specific writing. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover.

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Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Wendy Wasserstein by Elizabeth Hester. Ericson, Christian G. Roessler, Olven Campos, Millie Y. Orville, Robert M. Sweet, and Alexei S. Hohoemigaeshi Smiling Back , Takayuki Kubota. Holmes' intellectual development through the prism of free speech opinions , Martin Felli. Home telehealth: connecting care within the community , Dennis L.

Host proteins interacting with the Moloney murine leukemia virus integrase: Multiple transcriptional regulators and chromatin binding factors , Barbara Studamire and Stephen P. How categorization and deliberative processing explain consumer response to direct mail advertising , Karen Zhao. How different are men who do not know their HIV status from those who do?


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Results from an U. Jonathon Rendina, and Jeffrey T. How Does Spain Affect You? How higher ed will fare under GOP president. How N. Banks , Louise Fluk. Regan, Patti Whyte, Julia M. Raichlen, Brian M. Wood, Audax Z. Mabulla, Susan B. Racette, and Frank W. Hunting for Financial Literacy , Georgia Sozou. Hurricane Sandy Records , Brooklyn College. Husband Hunting in Africa , Marleen S. Nesbitt, Carlos A. Hypersexual, sexually compulsive, or just highly sexually active? Investigating three distinct groups of gay and bisexual men and their profiles of HIV-related sexual risk , Jeffrey T. Moody, and Christian Grov.

Anto, Bruce K. Armstrong, Andrea A. Baccarelli, Frederick A. Birnbaum, Ross C. Brownson, John R. Bucher, Kenneth P. Cantor, Elisabeth Cardis, John W. Cherrie, David C. Identification of a novel conserved mixed-isoform B56 regulatory subunit and spatiotemporal regulation of protein phosphatase 2A during Xenopus laevis development , Sungmin Baek and Joni M. Ih modulates theta rhythm and synchrony in computer model of CA3 , Markus M. Lytton, and Samuel A. Neymotin, Markus M. Hilscher, Thiago C. Moulin, Yosef Skolnick, Maciej T. Lazarewicz, and William W.

Imagining a "Poethical" Classroom , Erica Kaufman. Henley, William T. Gallo, and Zalina Kanukova. Voineskos, Nancy J. Lobaugh, Latha Soorya, A. Abeles and Manuel Gomez-Ramirez. Imperatives in informal organizational resource exchange in Central Europe , David Jancsics. Imperial Butterfly , Dagmar Rothschild. Imperialism or People's Peace? Imperialist or Working Class Sanctions? Venkataswamy, Tony W.

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  • Ng, Shalu S. Kharkwal, Leandro J. Jervis, Liam R. Cox, Gurdyal S. Wilson, Jim P. Stimpson, and Yang Wang. In Defense of Preservation , Jeffrey A. Kroessler, Eric W. Allison, Dorothy Minor, and Anthony C. Texaco , Judith Kimerling. Inequalities in Publishing , Charlotte Roh. Burg, Ashman Pradhan, Rebecca M. Gonzalez, Emely Z. Morban, Erica W.

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    Zhen, Watana Sakchoowong, and David J. Gutowski Jr. Wheatley, David L. Marks, Robert Bittman, and Richard E. Antoine, Dympna M. Morrow, Ravikumar A. Rebecchi, Brian P. Berger, William Galbavy, Matthew W. Elmes, Sherrye T. Glaser, Liqun Wang, Robert C. Rizzo, Dale G. Deutsch, and Iwao Ojima. Tak, Rab K. Prinjha, and Lionel B.

    In Morning Light , Jessica Leon.

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    Perlman, Katharine H. Thorpe, Elisabeth F. Gambino, and Judit Torok. In Review: Digital media, youth, and credibility , Steven Ovadia. In Review: What books by African American women writers were acquired by American academic libraries? Yanos, and Paul Lysaker. Bugg and Matthew J. Lenhart, Nathalia G. Holtzman, Jessica R. Williams, and Rebecca D. Oviedo and Alex D. Inter- and intra-specific pan-genomes of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato: genome stability and adaptive radiation , Emmanuel F. Mongodin, Sherwood R. Casjens, John F. Riley, Brandi L. Cantarel, Pedro E. Pagan, Yozen A.

    Hernandez, Levy C. Vargas, John J. Dunn, Steven E. Schutzer, Claire M. Interdisciplinary collecting — a conceptual outline of Urban Studies , Linda Wadas. Interim Information Bulletin Internalized immobility : the intersection of assimilation theory, minority cultures of mobility, and the dilemma of "acting white" , Gustavo Agosto-DaFonseca.

    International High School. Internationalization a must in higher education , Aldemaro Romero Jr. Interocular suppression prevents interference in a flanker task , Qiong Wu, Jonathan T. Lo Voi, Thomas Y. Lukanov, and Francis W. Szekielda, Jeffrey H. Bowles, David B. Gillis, and W. David Miller. Intradermal immunization of mice with radiation-attenuated sporozoites of Plasmodium yoelii induces effective protective immunity , Tatiana Voza, Chahnaz Kebaier, and Jerome P. Altiti and David R. Introduction , Sally Bowdoin and Beth Evans. Introduction, Touchstone , Kim Sanabria.

    In Unity There Is Strength! Inventions of Truth , Deidre Bird. Valappil, Dan Luo, and Vinod M. Investigating the effects of intervention intensity on skill acquisition and task persistence in children with Down syndrome , Nicole Marie Neil. Investigating the nest sanitation hypothesis in a rejecter species: is sanitation a proximate link, pre-adaptation, or by-product of egg ejection?

    Invisible Voices , Ana M. Rogers, and Paul Feinstein. Mhlanga, Diana P. Is burnout a depressive disorder? Is burnout separable from depression in cluster analysis? Is burnout solely job-related? Is Collective Bargaining the Law of the Land? Is cue-based memory retrieval 'good-enough'? Is it justifiable to treat chronic patients by nurse specialists? Evaluation of effects on quality of care , Dennis L. Is it time to consider the "Burnout Syndrome" a distinct illness? Is representativeness the right question? Synthetic Study of Phalarine , Zhiwei Yin.

    Luedke and Sarah K. Laleman Ward. It Does Happen Here! James P. Jobs for the Young Generation! John B. Justice Ginsburg's Obergefell v. Hodges , Ruthann Robson. Valenti, Ivan Dryanovski, and Jizhong Xiao. Jay Deiner. Kirk T. Labor Remembers, Mr. Raichlen, Adam D. Gordon, William E. Harcourt-Smith, Adam D. Foster, and Wm. Randall Haas. LaGuardia Tradition Dinner, Land of the aging sun : the impact of population decline on Japanese economic performance , Edson H.

    Large-pore mesoporous organosilicas and related polymer nanocomposites , Amanpreet Singh Manchanda. Lau Kar Leung and the Shaw Bros. Studio in Hong Kong , Eric Pellerin. Learning and innovation in the context of process-focused management practices: The case of an environmental management system , Deepa Aravind. Learning Functional Prepositions , John Stewart. Learning race and ethnicity: Youth and digital media , David Pavelich. Le conte B: rites de mariage et parcours magique , Francesca Sautman. Lesbian Jurisprudence? Lesions of lateral or central amygdala abolish aversive Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer in rats , Vincent D.

    LeDoux, and Christopher K. Hart, Kate M. Detwiler, Christopher C. Gilbert, Andrew S. Burrell, James L. Fuller, Maurice Emetshu, Terese B. Hart, Ashley Vosper, Eric J. Sargis, and Anthony J.

    Integrated Research Support, Training and Data Documentation

    Letter addressed to J. Dunlap from Robert K. Speer June 10, , Robert K. Speer President. Letter from Milton Miller undated , Milton Miller. Subramanian, Elisabeth Bonilla, and Richard H. Library Reference Desk, Gervasio, Angela Ecklund, and Arieh Ress. Life at LaGuardia. Navarro and David C. Sheppard and Diego Loayza.

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      Enquist, and Anthony M. Long-term effects of gender representation quotas on political interest within Latin America , Lismer E. Looking for a School Program? Losing Ground , Alison Kanski. Out" of the War , Young Communist League. Lovestone's Internationalism , Socialist Workers Party. Lung content analysis of cases occupationally exposed to chrysotile asbestos.

      Nolan, A M. Langer, and J Addison. Kennelly, and Eleanore T. Johnson, Gopal K. Marathe, Thomas M. Wurtzel, Abby Cuttriss, and Ratnakar Vallabhaneni. Walker, Jiyao Chen, and Deepa Aravind. Management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in the elderly: role of the pharmacist in a multidisciplinary health care team , Samuel Grossman. Mapping environmental injustices: pitfalls and potential of geographic information systems in assessing environmental health and equity. Mapping populations at risk: improving spatial demographic data for infectious disease modeling and metric derivation , Andrew J.

      Montgomery, Andrew Nelson, Abdisalan M. Martin v. Wilks , Frank Deale. Mary Astell : Christian feminist , Margret Taube. Massachusetts health reform and disparities in joint replacement use: difference in differences study , Amresh D. Hanchate, Alok Kapoor, Jeffrey N. Lasser, Chen Feng, Meredith G. Manze, and Nancy R. Cutrufello, Michael S. Lidow, and Ashiwel S. Mathematical model of the dynamics of psychotherapy , Larry S. Liebovitch, Paul R. Peluso, Michael D. Norman, Jessica Su, and John M. Maude I. Measuring knowledge of natural selection: A comparison of the C.

      Mechanisms for Sweetness , John D. Fernstrom, Steven D. Munger, Anthony Sclafani, Ivan E. Zurier, Sylvia Hoffstein, and Gerald Weissmann. Medical Crises in Older People: cohort study of older people attending acute medical units, developmental work and randomised controlled trial of a specialist geriatric medical intervention for high-risk older people; cohort study of older people with mental health problems admitted to hospital, developmental work and randomised controlled trial of a specialist medical and mental health unit for general hospital patients with delirium and dementia; and cohort study of residents of care homes and interview study of health-care provision to residents of care homes , John Gladman, Rowan Harwood, Simon Conroy, Pip Logan, Rachel Elliot, Rob Jones, Sarah Lewis, Jane Dyas, Justine Schneider, Davina Porock, Kristian Pollock, Sarah Goldberg, Judi Edmans, Adam Gordon, Lucy Bradshaw, Matthew Franklin, Katherine Whittamore, Isabella Robbins, Aidan Dunphy, Karen Spencer, Janet Darby, Lukasz Tanajewski, Vladislav Berdunov, Georgios Gkountouras, Pippa Foster, and Nadia Frowd.

      Medication deserts: survey of neighborhood disparities in availability of prescription medications , Philippe Amstislavski, Ariel Matthews, Sarah Sheffield, Andrew R. Maroko, and Jeremy Weedon. Melvyn Vader Collection , Brooklyn College. Khandaker and Stanley Schleifer. Mercury exposure, nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disruptions may affect learning in children , Renee Dufault, Roseanne Schnoll, Walter J. Gilbert, and Raquel Crider. Atkinson, Ruth Benedict, and Frank Boas. Kennedy, Robert A. Irvine, Brian D. Westerberg, and Hongbin Zhang. Metasurfaces for photon sorting and selective absorption , Isroel Moshe Mandel.

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      Khandaker, M. Ahmed, M. Hariri, M. Garwan, K. Khan, and M. Middle College High School.

      Bibliography of Holyoke

      Milton's idea of the companionate marriage with limits : an evolution from the Doctrone and Discipline of Divorce to Paradise Lost , Yvonne Davenport-Perkins. Mindfulness in Learning , Anna Malyukova. Minor physical anomalies: Modifiers of environmental risk for psychopathology , Daniel S. Madamba, Kevin N. Damri, Laurent M. Dejean, and Pablo M. Pratt, Darryl D. Dixon, and Marcus A. Alfano, and Alan E. Lilburn, Rui Kuang, and Yufeng Wang. Bromage, and Friedemann Schrenk. Molecular phylogenetics reveals convergent evolution in lower Congo River spiny eels , S.

      Burger, Christopher S. Ontiveros, Sarah N.