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Some 50 days from now, Scott will wake to the door crashing back and forth against the jamb. This will not be the first time Tony will return without his key. Nights when Tony needs the juggler on set, this will not be a problem, but the juggler is not a large part. Scott will stumble to open the door. Tony will march in, forcing Scott back until he is crushed against the bunk beds. When it lands, a sheaf of paper will scatter and a few pens will crash to the floor.

They will have been building to this conversation for weeks. And I never see what will be. I see everything that may be. For an instant, Tony will blur and scatter. Scott, now sensing almost two months ahead, has never seen Tony do this before. Tony, like everyone else, has multiple potential futures.

Until now, however, Scott has never seen them. As translucent Tonys scatter around the room, so do translucent Scotts. One Tony slams a Scott against a wall, punching his stomach. Another hits Scott where he stands. Others stare at Scott stunned. Only one lays his arms around Scott, gently stroking his back. Scott and his future self both feel all these alternatives at once. His mind reels from the shock of pain breaking against his nose.

A salty, metallic taste slides down his throat, even though he may not bleed that night. Phantom whispers soothe him. An instant later, Tony will snap back into focus. As the phantom Tonys collapse back into the real one, the phantom Scotts collapse too. Tony will stare at Scott, his jaw slack.

His gaze will sweep over Scott, taking in the grimaces, tears, and the body twisted with pain from the futures that Tony will not have chosen. I promise. Tony will be unusually attentive that night. Three and a half months from now, both closets will be empty. The future Scott will be sitting on the bottom bunk, cross-legged, folding his shirts.

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His pants will already be packed in the suitcase sitting on his desk. The refrigerator will be empty and unplugged, its door ajar. The dorm room door will swing open and clang against the wall. Tony, wrapped in his winter coat, will look like the snowman a five-year-old might make. He will not have hurt Scott. Scott will look up at him. Scott will look at his beanbags on the desk, his acting texts sitting on the closet shelf, and climbing gear lying on the closet floor. Bringing my friends here would make it like the rest of the world for me.

Tony will laugh. You should keep your options open. As much and as often as you want. Just saying. Tony will nod. His hands will slap onto his topmost box of gear. With a grunt, he will heft it out of the room. A ghost Scott moves to shut the dorm room door. If he closes the door, he and Tony will never meet. Tony will never learn how to hurt Scott in a way that only he can be hurt. Tony will never hurt him in a way that anyone can be hurt. Scott sighs. He throws a beanbag into the air and waits for the man with the flyer to arrive. You might have noticed the absence of paywalls at Boston Review.

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Jared's voice was all stronger for being rested and Shannon easily got back into his drumming grove. The band played a set of 11 songs overall. The festival was bussing and everyone had a good time. Jared and Shannon included a lot of audience participation in their show and allowed some members of the crowd on stage with them. By the time the confetti cannons went off to the closing song 'Closer to the Edge', the crowd was roaring for the more and the band was pumped.

All in all it was great show; which allowed new talent to shine and Thirty Seconds to Mars to really get into a lush pumping grove just singing! Good show overall. A few problems tho. We paid a lot of money for front row and were irritated Jared "invited" everybody to come down to the front, shoving us back against our seats. We were packed in like sardines with no way to exit. Thank God security saw the situation was becoming dangerous and starting telling people to go back to their own seats.

Jared stupidly stopped in mid-song and started berating security personnel for disrupting his show! I know he wants to be the cool anti-hero and all but he needs to think about the safety of his fans before he speaks. If it had gone on there would have been some serious medical emergencies. Besides that, Jared is an entertaining performer even though the show is very predictable from night to night. Had the feel of Jared going through the motions like a finely oiled machine.

No encores as usual. Not as much fan interaction as there used to be back in the day. Jared didn't go into the audience on this night and Shannon seemed painfully uncomfortable when he had to sing. The stage looks really empty with just the two band members left. Three out of five stars. Not one of their better shows. May be time for this band to call it a day. They had a good run. I went to the concert full of expectations and hopes that it will be great as their concert 3 or 4 years ago in Prague with A Beautiful Lie album because since then the concerts are worse and worse every year.

Year after Jared couldnt even sing after the hundreds of shows they did, so he just held his microphone to the crowd or had people on stage and talked to them for like half an hour, next year they did Cirque du Soleil show, just awful. Unfortunately it was huge disappointment again: They had no Shannon, and instead of finding a replacement for the shows without Shannon, they had drums on playback. It was like going to a concert of classical music where there are no violins.

Another disappointment was that Jared didnt even mention Shannon, or any apology for not having live drums.

They should realize that some people are going to their concerts because of their music, not because of Jared's looks. If you want to go their concert, definitely wait until Shannon joins them, nothing beats the sound of live drums.


Every year I go to their concert hoping Thirty Seconds to Mars is one of the best bands I've ever seen live! It was an amazing concert! I can't even explain the energy I felt by the second they got on stage. They really take care of the fact that everyone should be having fun and be part of the concert. They want fans to be able to sing they most famous songs with them. It's like you are in a living room at your home with them and a couple of friends and you're all singing around like it's a camping or something like that.

I mean, they actually asked the crowd which song we wanted to hear. I went with my friend, who likes the band but it's not a fan at all, and she came out of the stadium completely in love with them.

I can tell she definitely had fun. She was jumping around and singing. It was a beautiful experience. I think that if you ever get the chance to see them live, whether at a concert o festival, you should totally go. It's totally worth it and I'm telling you, you'll have lots of fun and will forget about everything for about two hours.

I was pretty disappointed actually! I came specifically to see them and felt underwhelmed by their performance. The sound quality was not good - referring to both the mics and the instruments. Given that most people were there for Muse, when they put their mic up to the crowd, there was a lot of silence, as opposed to a crowd singing in harmony.

I would have preferred if they just sang and thrashed, like they know how. In that regard, before a few of their songs, they would rehearse crowd participation parts of the song, as if they were concerned that the crowd did not know what was coming. I thought this was kind of annoying. Also, "The Kill" as an acoustic song does not work.

Thirty Seconds to Mars - Wikipedia

On the other hand, I had no expectations of Muse and was blown away in the best possible way. The smashed it. Good for them. Thirty seconds to mars are amazing first time ever to a concert ,would definitely go back but not the seating as the screen was hard to see and mostly covered by hanging lights. All in all was an amazing night that my cousin and I will never forget,Actually looking at the Birmingham tickets thinking of going again.

Was very impressed by Jared Leto he put a lot into his performance and made the audience fell appreciated e. Second time I've seen them live with the first time being 5yrs ago, and have to say last night was extremely disappointing, the stage set up was awful and looked lost in the middle of the floor as did the only two band members up there in Jared and Shannon.

I pay to see the band not half of them. Twice now they've not played one of the biggest hits that made them in "from yesterday" very very disappointing. All in all very very poor show which having no support act to warm everyone up and get ppl in the mood didn't help one bit, i can safely say i won't be paying to see them again. Thirty Seconds to Mars were incredible to see live and I'm really happy that I finally go to see them, because they're my favourite band.

Jared was an amazing performer, as always, and brought life to the crowd and stage. I was disappointed, however, because Shannon was not there and the drums were a playback on the speakers. This was really disappointing because I love seeing Shannon play and feel like the stage was empty without him.

Considering how much Jared cares for his fans, it should be expected that Shannon does the same. The band should feel at least slightly obligated to satisfy the fans. Nevertheless, based on my concert experience, Thirty Seconds to Mars put on a show that can't be missed. Just an amazing concert! We had "Front off stage" Tickets and could be pretty much at the front. The tickets weren't too expensive. The merchandise, drinks and food were okay, too, like at every concert I was.

Though 30STM had a delay of about 15 min. The location was pretty much in the centre of Graz and the hall was big and it wasn't too hot inside, which just supported the amazing experience.

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I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars during their Monolith tour. At first I brought tickets far from the stage and one of the venue staff gave me a ticket to a closer seat. I felt lucky. Seeing 30 Seconds to Mars for the first time was fun. Jared said, "Raise your hand if its your first time seeing 30 Seconds to Mars?

It out numbered those that seen them before. Jared was like, "Where have you been. We've been around for AGES.

I wish I saw them when Tomo was still in the band,but I'm glad I got to see them and I was outside for this 1. In general, the show was fun. For some reason, there were only 2 band members, Jared and his brother and the 3rd wasn't there and nothing was said. It was weird that there are only a singer and drum player on stage and all other sounds are recorded.

About Thirty Seconds To Mars

Felt a bit like a playback to me. Jared's singing was not clear most of the evening and when he sang softly, you couldn't hear him at all. Lots of people were brought onto stage at different times during the performance, which was quite unique. Packed House! Great performance and the drums were particularly good. Great to hear some of the old favourites which went down a storm with the excited and very lively crowd. The large balloons released into the arena were novel and popular.

Lots of audience participation in this show as one would expect! Only letdown was the lack of a warm up act - just a DJ although some good numbers were played the sound was overly bassy and not the best sound quality. Wears a red rug as a jacket and Michael Jackson glitter gloves. He wants the audience to sing all the songs, but the crowd expects him to sing. At least the verses he can remember. The pop songs from the new album actually sounded better than the cool rock songs from the past that where performed by tracks.

He still have a great voice but he doesn't sing Thirty Seconds to Mars never disappoint! The decision to attend that first show at the Tabernacle years ago was the start of a wonderful experience. I've been to countless Mars shows where I leave looking up the closest date when I can see them again. If you get the chance to see them at a smaller venue, do it. I don't mind the larger shows but the intimate venues are where you connect the most. Get there early and experience an amazing show.

Jared and Shannon on Stage without tomo was the only reason why I was a Little bit said because I didn't know it before! It was the first time I saw thirty seconds to mars!! Jareds voice is so emotional and unique and Shannon live on the Drums was incredible to see