The Truth About Drugs

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Drugs are more than just another social problem. Some million people—at all levels of society—consume illegal drugs.

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Almost , die from drugs each year. The greatest toll is on the young.

Workshop on “The Truth about Drugs”

Every 12 seconds another school-age child experiments with illicit drugs for the first time. Drug use in this age group has risen steadily throughout the past decade and children are exposed to drugs at younger and younger ages.

What are the signs of substance abuse?

Because drug abuse is a global problem, it requires a global solution, and the Church of Scientology has developed such an initiative—the Truth About Drugs program. It is founded on studies showing that when young people are given the truth about drugs—what they really are and what they do—usage rates drop proportionately.

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Strong passwords have at least 6 characters and a mix of letters and numbers. I agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Notice. Save Preference. Related Sites. Former drug addicts seek to educate others by sharing their harrowing stories, from getting hooked with just one hit, to the ultimate devastation caused to themselves, their families and friends. Share Tweet. Learn more at DrugFreeWorld. Scientology Courses.

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Ron Hubbard. Church Locator. Drug arrests were about five a week for drug abuse or drug possession. Since the implementation of the program, we have not made a single arrest.

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  • I implemented The Truth About Drugs last school year. The videos accompanying each lesson have been priceless in painting a real picture of the dangers of the drug world for the students. More students than ever approach me and tell me how frightening and awful the drug world looks. The most noteworthy change is that they are able to see the reality of drug use and it is unsettling to them. I have used the Truth About Drugs program for two years.

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    I especially like the videos. A lot of my students had no idea what was in the drugs and were shocked about things they learned after going through the program. Many promised to never, ever do drugs. I have had two different teachers join our 7th grade who did this program with me.

    Drug abuse has reached pandemic proportions on every continent of Earth.

    Drug-Free World fights the drug scourge by providing tools for those who will use them to awaken a generation to the truth about drugs. Because when people know the real impact drugs can have on their lives, they are more likely to decide on their own not to use them. Scientology Religion Dianetics L.