Retrofitting the Built Environment

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Citation Pelenur, M. Retrofitting the domestic built environment: investigating household perspectives towards energy efficiency technologies and behaviour Doctoral thesis. Abstract Retrofitting the UK domestic built environment presents an excellent opportunity to improve its energy performance.

However, retrofitting homes is a complex challenge conflated by multiple factors. While a number of technical or economic factors may help explain this gap, difficult to quantify factors, such as social motivations, barriers, and viewpoints towards energy are also significant and often under-emphasised in public policy.

As such, in order to improve the understanding of the Energy Efficiency Gap and the uptake of future retrofit initiatives, this research adopted a socio-technical approach that considered social and technical retrofit factors together. Specifically, this research collected data from interviews, questionnaires, and a Q Study in the cities of Manchester and Cardiff, alongside a questionnaire that measured energy efficiency technology and behaviour preferences.

An original contribution to knowledge was using the data to empirically identify motivations and barriers to adopting energy efficient technologies, as well as identifying household viewpoints towards energy use and linking them to retrofit technology and energy efficiency behaviour preferences.

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As a result of this research, specific policy recommendations are presented to help promote energy efficiency retrofits in the UK. Recommended or similar items. Rather than simply viewing such transition arenas as simple sites of experimentation, the paper argues that sub-national sustainable energy transitions and pathways are shaped by pressures and opportunities that are mediated by unique place and context-specific conditions that exert influence on the mobilisation of resources, governance capabilities and actor-networks.

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