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Privacy Policy. See more. Madani Wallpapers. A large collection of Islamic Wallpapers. NAATE's intensive program is designed to develop and reinvigorate high-performing teachers in a setting with others of like talent.


Employing the case method, it is predicated upon the same expectations as HBS, that the candidates have real-world experience and exceptional ability. In the core program, participants receive hours of learning time, divided into three sessions: 10 days during Summer I, a three-day weekend in the winter, and 10 days during Summer II. Before each session, they complete 40 hours of reading and writing assignments.

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NAATE will launch a second program in the — academic year, with two five-day sessions during the school year for teachers who cannot attend in the summer. The goals are to keep great teachers in the classroom, doing their best possible work and to create a Navy SEAL-style elite corps of teacher-leaders, first in high-need schools and ultimately in every school.

Naat khawani a sure way to spread love in society: Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri

Klemmer intentionally draws military analogies. National security and education, he suggests, share equal importance in protecting our country's future. Nearly all of the 76 NAATE Teacher Fellows thus far report that the experience has profoundly changed their classroom practice, increased their leadership opportunities in their schools, and improved student performance. While Klemmer delights in the anecdotal evidence, he cautions that the sample is too small to claim measurable student improvement.

Skip to content As-salamu alaykum to all my brothers and sisters visiting this website to read Naat-E-Rasool, Nasheeds, Manqabats and Salat-o-salaam.

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Chamak tujhse paate hai sab paane walay, Mera dil bhi chamka de chamkane walay. Barasta nahi dekh kar Abre Rehmat, Badon par bhi barsa de barsa ne walay. Mera Dil bhi chamka de chamkane walay, Chamak tujhse paate hai sab paane walay.

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Mai mujrim hu Aaqa mujhe saath le lo, Ke raste me hai jaa baja thaane walay. Tu zinda hai Wallah tu zinda hai Wallah, Mere chasme aalam se chup jaane walay. Madine ki khitte Khuda tujh ko rakhe, Gareebo faqeero ke tahraane walay.

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Raza nafs dushman hai dum me na aana, Kaha tu ne dekhe hai chand raane walay. Shehre nabi teri galiyo ka nakhsha hi kuch aisa hai, Khuld bhi hai mustaq ziyarat jalwa hi kuch aisa hai.


Dil ko sukun de aankh ko thandak rouza hi kuch aisa hai, Farshe zami par arshe bari ho lagta hi kuch aisa hai. Unke dar par aisa jhuka dil uthne ka ab hosh nahi, Ahle shariyat hai sakte me sajda hi kuch aisa hai. Sibte nabi hai pushte nabi par aur sajde ki haalat hai, AAQA ne tasbih bhadhaii Beta hi kuch aisa hai. RAB ke siwa dekha na kisine farshi ho ya arshi ho, Unke haqiqat ke chehre par parda hi kuch aisa hai.