My Last Years with Bing Part One of Two

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Somewhat reluctantly in , Bing Crosby had started making television appearances, which were usually filmed in advance. He eschewed a weekly variety series while singers such as Perry Como and later, Andy Williams , embraced such exposure enthusiastically with considerable benefits accruing to their record sales and to their long-term images.

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He was the show's first and most frequent guest host, and appeared annually on its Christmas edition with his wife Kathryn and his younger children. The coverage of his annual golf tournament gave him regular exposure as did his appearances on The American Sportsman program.

He did try his hand with a weekly sit-com series in but this was not renewed after the first season. Crosby's last TV appearance was a Christmas special filmed in London in September and aired just weeks after his death. It was released in as a single rpm record and reached No. At the end of the century, TV Guide listed the Crosby—Bowie duet as one of the 25 most memorable musical moments of 20th-century television. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BING magazine.

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Poda Bing: a Sopranos retrospective podcast series.

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Note : processing submitted sitemaps takes time and can take from a few hours up to a few days. What was the process of going through all of that archival footage? The reason why I dug into the archive at first was again trying to find this organic way to tell my story. The only time you get to see Keire angry is in the archival, because he talked about being angry in interviews in present day, but he never showed it.

The Sad Ballad of Bing and His Boys

So archival helped a lot. How did the final climactic montage come about? I rented an Airbnb in Venice where Josh lives. What if we tried that as a way to thread all these up?

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It needs some work, but this is the climax of the film. Did filming and observing Zack give you insight into this crisis of masculinity white men seem to be experiencing? I think ultimately it has to do with the masculine scripts failing. In the climax of the film, Zack talks about why he feels like he has to hide his true self and he has to wear a mask. His life, then, is one where he feels emotions that he can never let out. And he has this outward charismatic one that is based off getting people to like him and accept him. You put power and control above everything else.

So much of what Zack struggles with is his relationship with love.

From the Archives: Bing Crosby Dies at 73 on Golf Course

A lot of people see versions of their friends they grew up with. A lot of people see themselves, and a lot of people hate the shit out of him. Maybe because they see themselves? Either that or they feel like they have been affected by people in a negative way like him.

Nina even told me years later that I was the only one that she was talking to as it pertains to her and her relationship with Zack, which is an astounding level of isolation. What her life must have been like. And Keire, when we cut that interview where we commiserated about crying after getting beaten, that was our first real sit-down interview. And it just took years for him to do that work of revisiting, feeling real vulnerability and emotion, stepping away from it, revisiting, repeat, to get to a place where he felt more holistic as a person.

Anyway, what that said to me was that it is not easy to break the cycle. And this is what it looks like. How did you feel about your Oscar nomination? I mean, I was in bed sick with the flu, and I was up at like three in the morning, just in and out of delirium. Love the show. I tune in two categories away from doc features, and they announce the thing, and I was just like, All right. And the phone just started blowing up, and I just put it down, and I just lay there for a second. And I think it was probably the ultimate grounding experience.

Is your mom proud of you? Yeah, absolutely. I never heard her take on the film in any deep way or anything.