Judeochristianity: The Meaning and Discovery of Faith

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So Judeo-Christianity was actually popularised to oppose the anti-Semitism of another predominantly Christian nation. In the s, Roosevelt worked in concert with the National Council of Christians and Jews, for example, an organisation that fought popular anti-Catholicism and anti-Semitism. Roosevelt and other liberal Protestants took the lead in promoting Judeo-Christianity.

In the works of liberal Protestant theologians, the term Judeo-Christianity began to appear here and there without a thorough defence or justification.


Evangelicals, meanwhile, resisted the encroaching pluralism. By the s, when the inclusion of Catholics and Jews seemed to be on safe footing, the liberal Protestant pioneers of the term moved on to consider how a broader range of religious groups could be included in the US nation.

Some theologians in the s began going beyond religious pluralism and encouraged Protestants to embrace secularism. In the process, they left Judeo-Christianity behind. He joined the conservative journal National Review in as its religion editor. As they came to slowly accept the legitimacy of Jewish and Catholic faith, Judeo-Christianity became a way to withhold legitimacy from others.

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In its very brief history, the concept of Judeo-Christianity has taken on several meanings. Originally it denoted a cultural and theological pluralism, meant to unite Americans against Nazism. Once the implications became clear, many liberals abandoned the term.

Godless Morality? Why Judeo-Christianity Is Necessary for Human Rights

Today, the religiously unaffiliated make up about a quarter of the US population and Muslim Americans are becoming an increasingly visible and vocal community. The notion that the US is a nation bound together by civic principles enjoys a more distinguished history than the recently coined idea of the Judeo-Christian nation. It is also obvious that the US is more than a nation of many faiths.

The short career of Judeo-Christianity has already lasted too long.

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From the Preface: This book is about faith, what it is and how we find it. For over two decades I have had the privilege of working at Cabrini Hospice in New York City and at similar hospice and nursing home settings using my skills as a musician and music therapist. What has impressed me most of all is how faith, for those blessed to have it, helps people meet just about any tragedy with confidence and a strong spirit.

Of course even the spiritually strongest have their fearful moments, but are not defeated by them. Faith is the dominant force in their lives. I believe we were all meant to have faith, though for many of us acquiring it is difficult.

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  6. For some of us it may take a lifetime. But there is much we can learn along the way It is my hope that this book will help bring people together in a faith that is both comforting and challenging, as we search for the strength that only faith can give.

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    Judeochristianity: The Meaning and Discovery of Faith

    Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. I could not believe what a calming effect it had on me. Others must read it to understand this, but it helped me to look beyond the tragic events that often overtake us in the course of our lives and to realize that everything looks almost entirely different from the spiritual perspective of eternal life.

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    4. All books are reflections of the persons who wrote them. This one is the expression of a highly unusual, incredibly spiritual man. It sounded so simple at first that I couldn't believe how I was succumbing to its gentle, loving spirit.

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      But by the time I was halfway through, its hold over me was amazing. I felt like a wounded bird taken up and cradled under someone's arm, where I would be safe and could undergo total healing. If ever a book deserved to become an instant classic, this is the one. It isn't flashy or filled with overwhelming erudition, although it is clearly built on solid learning. It simply flows from the heart of an exceptionally good man as he talks about the most important thing in the world, how to find the kind of love and acceptance that will remove all our fears, even the fear of death itself.

      Charles Gourgey is a licensed music therapist who has worked for years with dying people in hospices, singing and playing the hymns and songs that comfort and support them while they go about withdrawing from this earthly existence. We meet some of these people in his book. In exchange for the loving care he extends to them, they provide him with remarkable insights into the meaning of life and death.