Chronicles Of A Prophet: Revelation In Motion

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Williams was in Michigan at the time this action was taken. Hence these articles are not, as some have supposed, revelations and were not so considered by the Church. It was on the occasion of the acceptance of the revelations for publication, November 12, , when the Prophet wrote in his journal the comment on the value of the revelations. It is the privilege of every Elder 7 to speak of the things of God; 8 and could we all come together 9 with one heart and one mind 10 in perfect faith 11 the veil might as well be rent 12 today as next week, or any other time, and if we will but cleanse ourselves 13 and covenant before God, 14 to serve Him, 15 it is our privilege to have an assurance 16 that God will protect us 17 at all times.

Also said that the promise of God 19 was that the greatest blessings which God had to bestow should be given to those who contributed to the support of his family 20 while he was translating the fulness of the Scriptures. The Lord would cut short his work in righteousness 28 and except the Church receive the fulness of the Scriptures 29 that they would yet fail.

Upon my return from Amherst Conference, I resumed the translation of the Scriptures. It appeared from what truths were left, that if God rewarded every one according to the deeds 3. As early as April, , the Lord declared that many of these plain and precious sayings were to be restored, not only through the Book of Mormon, but through a revision of the Bible. And now I command you, that if you have good desires—a desire to lay up treasures for yourself in heaven—then shall you assist in bringing to light, with your gift, those parts of my scriptures which have been hidden because of iniquity.

And then, behold, other records have I, that I will give unto you power that you may assist to translate. The earliest manuscripts of the Bible translation are in the handwriting of Oliver Cowdery. These bear the beginning date of June, , and continue until October 21, the same year. Brother Cowdery then departed for Ohio and Missouri in response to a call from the Lord for missionary service among the Lamanites.

At this juncture, John Whitmer served as scribe to the Prophet as the translation continued. And I give unto you a commandment that then ye shall teach them unto all men; for they shall be taught unto all nations, kindreds, tongues and people. From June, , until March 7, , the Brethren labored with the revision of the early chapters of Genesis. However, on the latter date they were instructed to begin a translation of the New Testament also D. This they began the next day, March 8. The work continued through both the Old and New Testaments until July 2, , when the Prophet finished the work as far as the Lord required of him at that time.

In the remaining eleven years of his life the Prophet further revised some passages and attempted to prepare the manuscript for publication. However, because of persecution and a lack of financial means, this was not accomplished before his death. The original manuscripts came into the hands of his widow, Emma Smith, who refused to give them to the Church, although a request was made to her for them.

The manuscripts subsequently came. Nothing could be more pleasing to the Saints upon the order of the Kingdom of the Lord, 6 than the light which burst upon the world 7 through the foregoing vision. DHC The following excerpts are taken from the second number of the Evening and Morning Star , published in August, The article from which these thoughts are taken was prepared by the Prophet and published in this issue of the Star.

Search the Scriptures 18 —search the revelations which we publish, and ask your Heavenly Father, in the name of His Son Jesus Christ, 19 to manifest the truth unto you, 20 and if you do it with an eye single to His glory, 21 nothing doubting, 22 He will answer you by the power of His Holy Spirit. A partial copy of the manuscripts was made in the spring of by Dr. John M. Bernhisel and is now in the archives of the Church in Salt Lake City. Although it is an incomplete copy, it served to corroborate the accuracy of the printed editions insofar as its limited scope permits.

No; for when men receive their instruction from Him that made them, 1 they know how He will save them. Then again we say: Search the Scriptures, 2 search the Prophets 3 and learn what portion of them belongs to you 4 and the people of the nineteenth century. You, no doubt, will agree with us, and say, that you have no right to claim the promises of the inhabitants before the flood; that you cannot found your hopes of salvation 5 upon the obedience of the children of Israel 6 when journeying in the wilderness, 7 nor can you expect that the blessings which the Apostles pronounced 8 upon the churches of Christ eighteen hundred years ago, were intended for you.

Every man lives for himself. A man may be saved, after the judgment, in the terrestrial kingdom, or in the telestial kingdom, 18 but he can never see the celestial kingdom of God, without being born of the water and the Spirit. And, fellow sojourners upon earth, 22 it is your privilege to purify yourselves 23 and come up to the same glory, 24 and see for yourselves, 25 and know for yourselves. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. January 4, , the Prophet wrote to Mr. Seaton, an editor of a newspaper, the following words of counsel and warning concerning the state of the world and the purpose of the Lord in the restoration spoken of by the ancient prophets.

Editor:—Sir, Considering the liberal principles upon which your interesting and valuable paper is published, myself being a subscriber, and feeling a deep interest in the cause of Zion, 27 and in the happiness of my brethren of mankind, 28 I cheerfully take up my pen to contribute my mite 29 at this very interesting and important period. For some length of time I have been carefully reviewing the state of things, as it now appears, throughout our Christian land; and have looked at it with feelings of the most painful anxiety.

I think that it is high time for a Christian world to awake out of sleep, 6 and cry mightily to that God, 7 day and night, 8 whose anger we have justly incurred. Are not these things a sufficient stimulant to arouse the faculties, and call forth the energies of every man, woman or child that possesses feelings of sympathy for their fellows, or that is in any degree endeared to the budding cause of our glorious Lord?

The time has at last arrived when the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob 12 , has set his hand again the second time to recover the remnants of his people, 13 which have been left from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea, and with them to bring in the fulness of the Gentiles, and establish that covenant with them, which was promised when their sins should be taken away. See Isaiah 11; Romans , 26 and 27, 14 and also Jeremiah , 32 and Christ, in the days of His flesh, 16 proposed to make a covenant with them, 17 but they rejected Him and His proposals, 18 and.

But their unbelief 2 has not rendered the promise of God of none effect: 3 no, for there was another day limited in David, 4 which was the day of His power; 5 and then His people, Israel, should be a willing people; 6 —and He would write His law in their hearts, 7 and print it in their thoughts; their sins and their iniquities He would remember no more. The Lord declared to His servants, some eighteen months since, that He was then withdrawing His Spirit from the earth; 7 and we can see that such is the fact, for not only the churches are dwindling away, but there are no conversions, or but very few: and this is not all, the governments of the earth are thrown into confusion and division; and Destruction , to the eye of the spiritual beholder, seems to be written by the finger of an invisible hand, 8 in large capitals, upon almost every thing we behold.

And now what remains to be done, under circumstances like these? I will proceed to tell you what the Lord requires of all people, high and low, rich and poor, 9 male and female, 10 ministers and people, professors of religion 11 and non-professors, in order that they may enjoy the Holy Spirit of God to a fullness, and escape the judgments of God, 12 which are almost ready to burst upon the nations of the earth. Repent of all your sins, and be baptized 13 in water for the remission of them, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, 14 and receive the ordinance of the laying on of the hands 15 of him who is ordained and sealed unto this power, 16 that ye may receive the Holy Spirit of God; 17 and this is according to the Holy Scriptures, 18 and the Book of Mormon; 19 and the only way that man can enter into the celestial kingdom.

The Book of Mormon is a record of the forefathers of our western tribes of Indians; having been found through the ministration of an holy angel, 1 and translated into our own language by the gift and power of God, 2 after having been hid up 3 in the earth for the last fourteen hundred years, containing the word of God 4 which was delivered unto them.

By it we learn that our western tribes of Indians are descendants from that Joseph who was sold into Egypt, 5 and that the land of America is a promised land unto them, 6 and unto it all the tribes of Israel will come, with as many of the Gentiles as shall comply 7 with the requisitions of the new covenant. But Judah shall obtain deliverance at Jerusalem. And now I am prepared to say by the authority of Jesus Christ, that not many years shall pass away before the United States shall present such a scene of bloodshed as has not a parallel in the history of our nation; 19 pestilence, hail, famine, and earthquake 20 will sweep the wicked of this generation from off the face of the land, 21 to open and prepare the way for the return of the lost tribes of Israel from the north country.

Remember these things; call upon the Lord while He is near, and seek Him while He may be found, 5 is the exhortation of your unworthy servant. Phelps, one of the presiding brethren in Missouri, the Prophet raises a warning voice based upon the word of the Lord as revealed in the revelation and correspondence from Missouri. Brother William W. Phelps: Kirtland, January 14, Repent, repent, is the voice of God to Zion; 23 and strange as it may appear, yet it is true, mankind will persist in self-justification until all their iniquity is exposed, and their char-.

I say to you and what I say to you I say to all , 2 hear the warning voice 3 of God, lest Zion fall, and the Lord swear in His wrath the inhabitants of Zion shall not enter into His rest. The brethren in Kirtland pray for you unceasingly, for, knowing the terrors of the Lord, 5 they greatly fear for you. You will see that the Lord commanded us, in Kirtland, to build a house of God, and establish a school for the Prophets, 6 this is the word of the Lord to us, 7 and we must, yea, the Lord helping us, 8 we will obey: as on conditions of our obedience He has promised us great things; yea, even a visit from the heavens to honor us with His own presence.

Brother, suffer us to speak plainly, 17 for God has respect to the feelings of His Saints, 18 and He will not suffer them to be tantalized with impunity. Dear Brethren: Kirtland, February 6th, We salute you, by this our epistle, 24 in the bonds of love, 25 rejoicing in your steadfastness 26 in the faith which is in Christ Jesus 27 our Lord; 28 and we desire your prosperity 29 in the ways of truth and righteousness, 30 praying for you continually, 31 that your. It has seemed good unto the Holy Spirit and unto us, 5 to send this our epistle to you by the hand of our beloved Brother 6 Salmon Gee, your messenger, who has been ordained by us, in obedience to the commandments of God, to the office of Elder to preside over the Church in Thompson, 7 taking the oversight thereof, 8 to lead you and to teach the things which are according to godliness; 9 in whom we have great confidence, 10 as we presume also you have, we therefore say to you, yea, not us only, but the Lord also, receive him as such, knowing that the Lord has appointed him to this office for your good, holding him up by your prayers, 11 praying for him continually 12 that he may be endowed with wisdom and understanding 13 in the knowledge of the Lord, 14 that through him you may be kept from evil spirits, 15 and all strifes and dissensions, 16 and grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Brethren beloved, 18 continue in brotherly love, 19 walk in meekness, 20 watching unto prayer, 21 that you be not overcome. Finally, brethren, pray for us, 26 that we may be enabled to do the work whereunto we are called, 27 that you may enjoy the mysteries of God, 28 even a fullness; 29 and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Dear Brother Carter:—Your letter to Brother Jared is just put into my hand, and I have carefully perused its contents, and embrace this opportunity to answer it.

We proceed to answer your questions: first concerning you labor in the region 31 where you live; we acquiesce in your feelings on this subject. I will inform you that it is contrary to the economy of God 5 for any member of the Church, or any one, to receive instructions for those in authority, higher than themselves; therefore you will see the impropriety of giving heed to them; but if any person have a vision or a visitation from a heavenly messenger, 6 it must be for his own benefit and instruction; for the fundamental principles, government, and doctrine of the Church are vested in the keys of the kingdom.

The duty of a High Priest 10 is to administer in spiritual and holy things, and to hold communion with God; 11 but not to exercise monarchial government, or to appoint meetings for the Elders without their consent. And again, the process of laboring with members: We are to deal with them precisely as the Scriptures direct. If thy brother trespass against thee, take him between him and thee alone; 13 and, if he make thee satisfaction, thou hast saved thy brother; and if not, proceed to take another with thee, etc.

With respect to preparing to go to Zion:—First it would be pleasing to the Lord that the church or churches going to Zion should be organized, 16 and a suitable person appointed who is well acquainted with the condition of the church, and he be sent to Kirtland to inform the Bishop, and procure a license And again, those in debt, should in all cases pay their debts; 3 and the rich are in no wise to cast out the poor, 4 or leave them behind, for it is said that the poor shall inherit the earth.

You quoted a passage in Jeremiah, with regard to journeying to Zion; 6 the word of the Lord stands sure, 7 so let it be done. There are two paragraphs in your letter which I do not commend, as they are written blindly. Speaking of the Elders being sent like lightning from the bow 9 of Judah; the second, no secrets in the councils of Zion.

You mention these as if fear rested upon your mind, otherwise we cannot understand it. And again we never inquire at the hand of God 10 for special revelation only in case of there being no previous revelation to suit the case; and that in a council of High Priests. It is a great thing to inquire at the hands of God, 11 or to come into His presence; and we feel fearful to approach Him on subjects that are of little or no consequence, 12 to satisfy the queries of individuals, especially about things the knowledge of which men ought to obtain 13 in all sincerity, before God, for themselves, in humility by the prayer of faith; 14 and more especially a Teacher or a High Priest in the Church.

Christ's Offices of Prophet, Priest, and King Typed in the Old Testament

I speak these things not by way of reproach, but by way of instruction; 15 and I speak as if acquainted with you, 16 whereas we are strangers to each other in the flesh. I love your soul, and the souls of the children of men, 17 and pray and do all I can for the salvation of all. I now close by sending you a salutation of peace in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ be and abide with you all. Sir:—I proceed to answer your questions, concerning the consecration of property: 20 —First, it is not right to condescend to very great particulars in taking inventories. The fact is this,. The fact is, there must be a balance or equilibrium of power, between the Bishop and the people; and thus harmony and good-will may be preserved among you. Therefore, those persons consecrating property to the Bishop in Zion, and then receiving an inheritance back, must reasonably show to the Bishop that they need as much as they claim.

But in case the two parties cannot come to a mutual agreement, the Bishop is to have nothing to do about receiving such consecrations; and the case must be laid before a council of twelve High Priests, 11 the Bishop not being one of the council, but he is to lay the case before them. We were not a little surprised to hear that some of our letters of a public nature, which we sent for the good of Zion, have been kept back from the Bishops. This is conduct which we highly disapprobate. First, in relation to the poor: When the Bishops are appointed according to our recommendation, it will devolve upon them to see to the poor, 12 according to the laws of the Church.

Say to the brothers Hulet and to all others, that the Lord never authorized them to say that the devil, his angels, or the sons of perdition, 1 should ever be restored; for their state of destiny was not revealed to man, is not revealed, nor ever shall be revealed, save to those who are made partakers thereof: 2 consequently those who teach this doctrine have not received it of the Spirit of the Lord. We sanction the decision of the Bishop and his council, in relation to this doctrine being a bar to communion.

We conclude our letter by the usual salutation, in token of the new and everlasting covenant. Phelps is conducting the Star at present, we hope he will seek to render it more and more interesting. In relation to the size of Bishoprics: When Zion is once properly regulated there will be a Bishop to each square of the size 6 of the one we send you with this; but at present it must be done according to wisdom. When we direct letters to Zion to any of the High Priests, which pertain to the regulation of her affairs, we always design that they should be laid before the Bishop, 13 so as to enable him to perform his duty.

We are engaged in writing a letter to Eugene [branch] respecting the two Smiths, as we have received two letters from them; one from John Smith, the other from the Elder of the Church [Eden Smith]. As to the gift of tongues, 4 all we can say is, that in this place we have received it as the ancients did: we wish you, however, to be careful, lest in this you be deceived. May the Lord give you wisdom 8 in all things. In a letter mailed last week, you will doubtless, before you receive this, have obtained information about the New Translation. Consign the box of the Book of Commandments to N.

We conclude by giving our heartiest approbation to every measure calculated for the spread of the truth, in these last days; and our strongest desires, and sincerest prayers for the prosperity of Zion. Say to all the brethren and sisters in Zion, that they have our hearts, our best wishes, and the strongest desires of our spirits for their welfare, 9 temporal, spiritual, and.

As ever, we salute you in the name of the Lord Jesus. September 4. Dear Sister:—Having a few leisure moments, I sit down to communicate to you a few words, which I know I am under obligation to improve for your satisfaction, if it should be a satisfaction for you to receive a few words from your unworthy brother in Christ. Therefore she should not be forgotten of thee, for the Lord hath done this, 3 and thou shouldst remember her in all thy prayers and also by letter, for she oftentimes calleth on the Lord, saying, O Lord, inspire thy servant Joseph to communicate by letter some word to thine unworthy handmaiden, and say all my sins are forgiven, 4 and art thou not content with the chastisement where-with thou hast chastised thy handmaiden?

I was aware when you left Kirtland that the Lord would chasten 5 you, but I prayed fervently 6 in the name of Jesus that you might live to receive your inheritance, agreeable to the commandment which was given concerning you. But alas, it is in vain to warn and give precepts, for all men are naturally disposed to walk in their own paths 8 as they are pointed out by their own fingers, and are not.

Nevertheless I do not feel disposed to cast any reflections, but I feel to cry mightily 3 unto the Lord that all things which have happened may work together for good; 4 yea, I feel to say, O Lord, let Zion be comforted, 5 let her waste places be built up 6 and established an hundred fold; 7 let Thy Saints come unto Zion 8 out of every nation; 9 let her be exalted to the third heavens, 10 and let Thy judgment be sent forth unto victory; 11 and after this great tribulation, 12 let Thy blessing fall upon Thy people, 13 and let Thy handmaid 14 live till her soul shall be satisfied 15 in beholding the glory of Zion; 16 for notwithstanding her present affliction, 17 she shall yet arise and put on her beautiful garments, 18 and be the joy and glory of the whole earth.

Brother David W. Patten has just returned from his tour to the east, and gives us great satisfaction as to his ministry. He has raised up a church of about eighty-three members in that part of the country where his friends live—in the state of New York. Many were healed through his instrumentality, several cripples were restored. November Nickerson, Mount Pleasant, Upper Canada:. Brother Moses:—We arrived at this place on the fourth ultimo, after a fatiguing journey, during which we were blessed. We parted with Father and Mother Nickerson at Buffalo, in good health, and they expressed a degree of satisfaction for the prosperity and blessings of their journey.

Since our arrival here, Brother Sidney has been afflicted with sore eyes, which is probably the reason why you have not previously heard from us, as he was calculating to write you immediately. But though I expect he will undoubtedly write you soon, as his eyes are evidently better, yet, lest you should be impatient to learn something concerning us, I have thought that perhaps a few lines from me, though there may be a lack of fluency according to the literati of the age, might be received with a degree of satisfaction on your part, at least, when you call to mind the near relation with which we are united by the everlasting ties of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We found our families and the Church in this place well, generally. Nothing of consequence happened while we were absent, except the death of one of our brethren—David Johnson—a young man of great worth as a private citizen among us, the loss of whom we justly mourn. We are favored with frequent intelligence from different sections of our country, respecting the progress of the Gospel, and our prayers are daily 2 to our Father, that it may greatly spread, even till all nations shall hear 3 the glorious news and come to a knowledge of the truth.

We have received letters from our brethren in Missouri of late, but we cannot tell, from their contents, the probable extent to which those persons who are desirous to expel them from that country will carry their unlawful and unrighteous purposes. Our brethren have applied to the executive of the state, who has promised them all the assistance that the civil law can give; and in all probability a suit has been commenced ere this.

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We are informed, however, that those persons are very violent, and threaten immediate extermination upon all those who profess our doctrine. You are aware, no doubt, dear brother, that anxieties inexpressible crowd themselves continually upon my mind for the Saints, when I consider the many temptations 1 to which we are subject, from the cunning and flattery 2 of the great adversary of our souls: and I can truly say, with much fervency have I called upon the Lord for our brethren in Canada.

And when I call to mind with what readiness they received the word 3 of truth by the ministry of Brother Sidney and myself, I am truly under great obligations to humble myself before Him. When I contemplate the rapidity with which the great and glorious day of the coming of the Son of Man 5 advances, when He shall come to receive His Saints 6 unto Himself, where they shall dwell in His presence, 7 and be crowned with glory and immortality: 8 when I consider that soon the heavens are to be shaken, 9 and the earth tremble and reel to and fro; 10 and that the heavens are to be unfolded as a scroll 11 when it is rolled up; and that every mountain and island are to flee away, 12 I cry out in my heart, 13 What manner of persons ought we to be 14 in all holy conversation and godliness!

You remember the testimony which I bore in the name of the Lord Jesus, concerning the great work 16 which He has brought forth in the last days. You know my manner of communication, how that in weakness and simplicity, 17 I declared to you what the Lord had brought forth by the ministering of His holy angels 18 to me for this generation. I pray that the Lord may enable you to treasure these things in your mind, 19 for I know that His Spirit will bear testimony 20 to all who seek diligently 21 after knowledge from Him. I hope you will search the Scriptures 22 to see whether these things are not also consistent with those things which the ancient Prophets and Apostles have written.

I remember Brother Freeman and wife, Ransom also, and Sister Lydia, and little Charles, with all the brethren and sisters. I entreat for an interest in all your prayers 24 before the throne of mercy, 25 in the name of Jesus. I hope the Lord will grant. The character of Sidney Rigdon is here vividly portrayed, followed by an earnest prayer for his salvation and a prophecy concerning his posterity. It is true that his generations have been hunted for, and some of them found. His son, John W. More recently one of his grandsons, now an old man, joined the Church and another grandson has expressed himself favorably towards the Church.

In this way, in part at least, we see the fulfilment of this earnest plea by the Prophet Joseph Smith. Nothing of note occurred from the falling of the stars on the 13th, to this date, November 19th, when my heart is somewhat sorrowful, 2 but I feel to trust in the Lord, 3 the God of Jacob.

"Revelation: The False Prophet"

Brother Sidney is a man whom I love, but he is not capable of that pure and steadfast 6 love for those who are his benefactors that should characterize a President of the Church of Christ. But notwithstanding these things, he is a very great and good man; a man of great power of words, 10 and can gain the friendship of his hearers very quickly. He is a man whom God will uphold, 11 if he will continue faithful 12 to his calling.

The man who willeth to do well, we should extol his virtues, and speak not of his faults behind his back. A man who wilfully turneth away from his friend without a cause, 16 is not easily forgiven. That person who never forsaketh his trust, 18 should ever have the highest place of regard in our hearts, 19 and our love should never fail, but increase more and more, 20 and this is my disposition and these my sentiments. The following is an excerpt taken from a communication to the Saints in Zion, who had been driven from their homes and basely persecuted by a mob in Jackson County, Missouri.

It appears, brethren, that the above statements were made mostly for reports, and there is no certainty of their being correct; therefore, it is difficult for us to advise, and we can only say, that the destinies of all people are in the hands 21 of a just God, 22 and He will do no injustice to any one; 23 and this one thing is sure, that they who will live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution; 24 and before their robes are made white in the blood of the Lamb, it is to be expected, according to John the Revelator, they will pass through great tribulation.

I wish, when you receive this letter, that you would collect every particular, concerning the mob, from the beginning, and send us a correct statement of facts, as they occurred from time to time, that we may be enabled to give the public correct information on the subject; and inform us also of the situation of the brethren, with respect to their means of sustenance. I would inform you that it is not the will of the Lord for you to sell your lands in Zion, 26 if means can possibly be procured for your sustenance without.

Every exertion should be made to maintain the cause 27 you have espoused, and to contribute to the necessities of one another, 28 as much as possible, in this your great calamity, and remember not to murmur 29 at. We know not what we shall be called to pass through 16 before Zion is delivered and established; therefore, we have great need to live near to God, 17 and always be in strict obedience 18 to all His commandments, that we may have a conscience void of offense toward God and man.

The inhabitants of this county threaten our destruction, and we know not how soon they may be permitted to follow the example of the Missourians; but our trust is in God, 22 and we are determined, His grace assisting us, 23 to maintain the cause 24 and hold out faithful unto the end, 25 that we may be crowned with crowns of celestial glory, 26 and enter into the rest 27 that is prepared for the children of God. We are now distributing the type, and intend to commence setting today, and issue a paper the last of this week, or beginning of next.

We wrote to Elder Phelps some time since, and also sent by Elder Hyde, for the list of names of subscribers to the Star , which we have not yet received; and, until we receive it, the most of the subscribers will be deprived of the paper; and when you receive this, if you have not sent the list, I wish you to attend to it immediately, as much inconvenience will follow a delay.

If that is the case, it is not meet that they should recommence hostilities with them; but, if not, you should maintain the ground 1 as long as there is a man left, as the spot of ground upon which you were located, is the place appointed of the Lord for your inheritance, 2 and it is right in the sight of God 3 that you contend for it to the last. You will recollect that the Lord has said, that Zion should not be removed out of her place; 4 therefore the land should not be sold, 5 but be held by the Saints, until the Lord in His wisdom 6 shall open a way for your return; and until that time, if you can purchase a tract of land in Clay county, for present emergencies, it is right you should do so, if you can do it, and not sell your land in Jackson county.

It is not safe for us to send you a written revelation 7 on the subject, but what is stated above is according to wisdom. This letter depicts the tenderness and sympathy of the Prophet towards the Saints in Missouri, and his desire to encourage and strengthen them by faith and hope in this great hour of their deep affliction. Edward Partridge, W. Phelps, John Whitmer, A. From previous letters we learned that a number of our brethren had been slain, but we could not learn from the letters referred to above, that there had been more than one killed, and that one Brother Barber; and that Brother Dibble was.

We were thankful to learn that no more had been slain, and our daily prayers are that the Lord will not suffer His Saints, 1 who have gone up to His land to keep His commandments, to stain His holy mountain 2 with their blood. I cannot learn from any communication by the Spirit to me, that Zion has forfeited her claim to a celestial crown, notwithstanding the Lord has caused her to be thus afflicted, except it may be some individuals, who have walked in disobedience, 3 and forsaken the new covenant; 4 all such will be made manifest by their works 5 in due time.

I have always expected that Zion would suffer some affliction, 6 from what I could learn from the commandments which have been given. But I would remind you of a certain clause in one which says, that after much tribulation cometh the blessing. Now, there are two things of which I am ignorant; and the Lord will not show them unto me, 18 perhaps for a wise purpose in Himself 19 —I mean in some respects—and they are these: Why God has suffered so great a calamity to come upon Zion, and what the great moving cause of this great affliction is; and again, by what means he will return her back to her inheritance, 20 with songs of everlasting joy 21 upon her head.

When I contemplate upon all things that have been manifested, I am aware that I ought not to murmur, 25 and do not murmur, only in this, that those who are innocent are compelled to suffer 26 for the iniquities of the guilty; and I cannot account. Brethren, when we learn your sufferings, it awakens every sympathy of our hearts; it weighs us down; 6 we cannot refrain from tears, 7 yet, we are not able to realize, only in part, your sufferings: and I often hear the brethren saying, they wish they were with you, that they might bear a part of your sufferings; and I myself should have been with you, had not God prevented it in the order of His providence, 8 that the yoke of affliction 9 might be less grievous upon you, God having forewarned me, 10 concerning these things, for your sake; and also, Elder Cowdery could not lighten your afflictions by tarrying longer with you, for his presence would have so much the more enraged your enemies; therefore God hath dealt mercifully 11 with us.

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O brethren, let us be thankful 12 that it is as well with us as it is, and we are yet alive and peradventure, God hath laid up in store 13 great good for us in this generation, and may grant that we may yet glorify His name. I feel thankful that there have no more denied the faith; 15 I pray God in the name of Jesus that you all may be kept in the faith 16 unto the end: 17 let your sufferings be what they may, it is better in the eyes of God 18 that you should die, than that. Behold, He will not fail you! I would suggest some ideas to Elder Phelps, not knowing that they will be of any real benefit but suggest them for consideration.

I would be glad if he were here, were it possible for him to come, but dare not advise, not knowing what shall befall us, 22 as we are under very heavy and serious threatenings from a great many people in this place. But, perhaps, the people in Liberty may feel willing, God having power to soften the hearts 23 of all men, to have a press established there; and if not, in some other place; any place where it can be the most convenient, and it is possible to get to it; God will be willing to have it in any place where it can be established in safety.

We must be wise as serpents and. Of the ten Kingdoms represented by the ten horns of the fourth Beast. Dan Chapter 7. Dan Chapter 8. Dan Chapter 9. Dan Chapter Of the Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks. Of the Times of the Birth and Passion of Christ. Mat Chapter Of the Prophecy of the Scripture of Truth. Of the King who did according to his will, and magnified himself above every God, and honoured Mahuzzims, and regarded not the desire of women. Of the Mahuzzims, honoured by the King who doth according to his will. Dan Part II. Introduction, concerning the time when the Apocalypse was written.

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Old Testament.

Chronicles Of A Prophet

Back Psalms 1. Bible Search. Retrieve Adv. Video Tutorials 1. Thus Amos though called to the prophetic office did not belong to the prophetic order. Amos The sixteen prophets whose books are in the canon have that place of honor because they were endowed with the prophetic gift us well as ordinarily so far as we know belonging to the prophetic order. They were the national poets of Judea. They were annalists and historians. A great portion of Isaiah, of Jeremiah, of Daniel of Jonah, of Haggai, is direct or in direct history.

They were preachers of patriotism, --their patriotism being founded on the religious motive. They were preachers of morals and of spiritual religion. The system of morals put forward by the prophets, if not higher or sterner or purer than that of the law, is more plainly declared, and with greater, because now more needed, vehemence of diction.

They were extraordinary but yet authorized exponents of the law. They held a pastoral or quasi-pastoral office. They were a political power in the state. But the prophets were something more than national poets and annalists, preachers of patriotism moral teachers, exponents of the law, pastors and politicians. Their most essential characteristic is that they were instruments of revealing God's will to man, as in other ways, so specially by predicting future events, and in particular foretelling the incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the redemption effected by him.

We have a series of prophecies which are so applicable to the person and earthly life of Jesus Christ as to be thereby shown to have been designed to apply to him. And if they were designed to apply to him, prophetical prediction is proved. Objections have, been urged. We notice only one, vis. It has been said that the prophecies are too darkly and vaguely worded to be proved predictive by the events which they are alleged to foretell.

But to this might be answered, That God never forces men to believe, but that there is such a union of definiteness and vagueness in the prophecies as to enable those who are willing to discover the truth, while the willfully blind are not forcibly constrained to see it. That, had the prophecies been couched in the form of direct declarations, their fulfillment would have thereby been rendered impossible or at least capable of frustration.

That the effect of prophecy would have been far less beneficial to believers, as being less adapted to keep them in a state of constant expectation. That the Messiah of revelation could not be so clearly portrayed in his varied character as God and man, as prophet, priest and king, if he had been the mere teacher. That some portions of the prophecies were intended to be of double application, and some portions to be understood only on their fulfillment, Comp.

John ; Ezekiel Easton's Bible Dictionary Hebrews nabi, from a root meaning "to bubble forth, as from a fountain, " hence "to utter", Comp. Psalm This Hebrew word is the first and the most generally used for a prophet. In the time of Samuel another word, ro'eh, "seer", began to be used 1 Samuel It occurs seven times in reference to Samuel. Afterwards another word, hozeh, "seer" 2 Samuel , was employed. In 1 Ch. In Joshua Balaam is called Hebrews a kosem "diviner," a word used only of a false prophet. The "prophet" proclaimed the message given to him, as the "seer" beheld the vision of God.

See Numbers , 8. Thus a prophet was a spokesman for God; he spake in God's name and by his authority Exodus He is the mouth by which God speaks to men Jeremiah ; Isaiah , and hence what the prophet says is not of man but of God 2 Peter , 21; Comp. Hebrews ; Acts ; Prophets were the immediate organs of God for the communication of his mind and will to men Deuteronomy , The whole Word of God may in this general sense be spoken of as prophetic, inasmuch as it was written by men who received the revelation they communicated from God, no matter what its nature might be.

The foretelling of future events was not a necessary but only an incidental part of the prophetic office. The great task assigned to the prophets whom God raised up among the people was "to correct moral and religious abuses, to proclaim the great moral and religious truths which are connected with the character of God, and which lie at the foundation of his government.

Thus Enoch, Abraham, and the patriarchs, as bearers of God's message Genesis ; Exodus ; Psalm , as also Moses Deuteronomy ; ; Hosea , are ranked among the prophets. The seventy elders of Israel Numbers , "when the spirit rested upon them, prophesied;" Asaph and Jeduthun "prophesied with a harp" 1 Chronicles Miriam and Deborah were prophetesses Exodus ; Judges The title thus has a general application to all who have messages from God to men. But while the prophetic gift was thus exercised from the beginning, the prophetical order as such began with Samuel. Colleges, "schools of the prophets", were instituted for the training of prophets, who were constituted, a distinct order 1 Samuel ; 2 Kings , 15; , which continued to the close of the Old Testament.

The "sons" or "disciples" of the prophets were young men 2 Kings ; , 4 who lived together at these different "schools" These young men were taught not only the rudiments of secular knowledge, but they were brought up to exercise the office of prophet, "to preach pure morality and the heart-felt worship of Jehovah, and to act along and co-ordinately with the priesthood and monarchy in guiding the state aright and checking all attempts at illegality and tyranny.

Our Lord is frequently spoken of as a prophet Luke ; He was and is the great Prophet of the Church. There was also in the Church a distinct order of prophets 1 Corinthians ; Ephesians ; , who made new revelations from God. They differed from the "teacher," whose office it was to impart truths already revealed.

Of the Old Testament prophets there are sixteen, whose prophecies form part of the inspired canon. These are divided into four groups: 1. The prophets of the northern kingdom Israel , viz. The prophets of Judah, viz. The prophets of Captivity, viz. The prophets of the Restoration, viz. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary 1. One who prophesies, or foretells events; a predictor; a foreteller. One inspired or instructed by God to speak in his name, or announce future events, as, Moses, Elijah, etc.

An interpreter; a spokesman. A mantis. The Narrative: The narrative of 1 Kings , in which the old prophet is mentioned, is part of a larger account telling of a visit paid to Bethel by "a man of God" from Judah. The Judean prophet uttered a curse upon the altar erected there by Jeroboam I. When the king attempted to use force against him, the prophet was saved by divine intervention; the king then invited him to receive royal hospitality, but he refused because of a command of God to him not to eat or drink there.