Change Your Life Through Prayer (Translated and Abridged Psalms)

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This article uses the Hebrew Masoretic Psalms numbering. Biblical psalm. Late 8th century ivory plaque with Christ treading on the beasts , illustrating verse 13 [1]. Retrieved Rav Kook Torah. Retrieved September 15, Jewish Virtual Library. The Book of Psalms: with Introduction and Notes. The Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges. Cambridge: At the University Press. Retrieved February 28, Church of England. Church House Publishing, Church of England.

December 30, The Wee Flea. January 28, God Bless, Ash. Your mind will wander less if you pray aloud, but this is not always possible. Patrick's Breastplate Prayer , St. There is no repetition involved, we only pray them once each per day. If you mean repetition from day to day, well, we generally eat earthly bread meals every day, also --in fact three times a day or more!

As Athanasius wrote, when we pray the Psalms , God is speaking to us even as we are speaking to him, and we make our own the words we pray. When we pray a Psalm we will come to a verse that speaks directly to a concern we are having, but in a way better than we ourself could express it.

After all, we are neither David, nor the Holy Spirit! We have read that no Bishop was ordained to that position in the first years of Christianity who had not memorized the entire Psalter. As you have correctly pointed out, we do not require the use of our Worship Service by anyone else. Monk Preston and his wife use bits and pieces of it at random in their daily 15 min. In fact, he often goes through the entire Service during the day in thought on his own. Today, on an hour and a half drive back from skiing at a ski resort , he and his wife, Monk Linda , used part of the time to pray out loud together our entire Worship Service Liturgy.

As you must know from Holy Scripture, Jesus criticized the Pharisees conservatives as well as the Sadducees liberals of his day and said that their holiness was insufficient to save them. As for equating theological liberalism with error and theological conservatism with 'the straight and narrow,' history does not support your equation. We are Christians first - adding adjectives - liberal Christian or conservative Christian adulterates what alone, by Grace, is divinely sufficient. We are saved by Christ - not 'liberal Christ' or 'conservative Christ'. Don't you agree? I am curious as to your response.

Theologically liberal clergy often claim Bonhoeffer also, pointing out that he seemed to hold more theologically liberal views earlier in his life. Evangelicals see him becoming more conservative theologically after meeting his Mennonite friend, attending a black Gospel Church in Harlem, and studying under Reinhold Niebuhr.

We see no contradiction between these views -- they are both true, if one simply looks at the timeline. If you are referring to political conservatism and liberalism, we are not doing so , and agree with you that the Bible fits completely in neither category. We ourselves feel that it is generally conservative morally and generally socially liberal pro help for the poor, for example. Economically it is in our opinion neither; it seems to us to be saying to keep only what you need and give the rest away for God.

The "pastiche" of Holy Scripture comprising the Nicene Creed has been accepted as the summation of required Christian orthodoxy since A. Rejection of any of such "essential" to one's Christian orthodoxy, "orthodoxia" , or Right Belief Biblical doctrines found within the text of the Nicene Creed , such as the doctrines of the Trinity, Deity of Christ, Virgin Birth, 2nd Coming of Christ, etc. One may indeed have repented and received Christ , but if one rejects one or more of these "essential" to one's Christian orthodoxy doctrines, he or she is not teaching Apostolic Christianity , but rather a denial of it: false theological error , heretical opinions.

We do indeed agree that a Christian is saved by Christ by grace Ephesians We do not judge we are indeed quite unable to whether someone has truly received Christ; is truly a Christian. Only Christ can ultimately know those who are His. Thank you for the neat website. Carmen Puerto Rico. Liked Best: The depth of content.

Liked Least: Silly but, the blue capital letters in your headings. Like to See: Get rid of the blue capital letters I like the site, general layout, and content. Phonetic spelling of the Gaelic sayings. I studied the language several years back but lack of use, Kansas not many speakers, caused the learning to lapse. Visit Site: Daily. Comments: WOW.

I am very impressed with the amount of information, prayer and other that you have linked within and externally. I will take me some time to wade through it all. Thank you for the time and effort you have expended making this information centrally available. Greetings, I was so excited to stumble upon your web site. It so very much seems to match my yearnings. I have been trying to learn to pray and meditate. The article on the Lectio Divina seems very helpful. I have always loved Celtic music and culture.

I even made a shield, of the same pattern that you use on your shield. I made the shield of leather and wood. The western world seems to have left its very important roots. Yours in Christ, Curtis B. Looking up lay monastics. Visit Site: Less than weekly. Comments: Very Celtic!

Psalm 7 GNT - A Prayer for Justice - O LORD, my God, - Bible Gateway

Never heard of Protestant Monks!! I really love the inclusion from all Christian traditions. Thank you for providing so much inspirational material at your site. I have really enjoyed exploring my faith with the articles I have found here. God bless your work for the Gospel of Jesus Christ for which we are not ashamed. Be encouraged as I have been encouraged by you all. Thank You. Daniel A. Liked Best: Great info. Liked Least: Nothing. Comments: I'm impressed and interested. I have just discovered your website, and was really blessed by it. I have been wanting to implement some version of prayer throughout the day into my life, as just a spiritual discipline , and having studied Church History quite a bit in the past, I wanted to base it on some structure like the Benedictine offices, only simpler.

Thanks so much, and thank you for putting together your website and ministry. I look forward to further exploring the wealth of prayer resources you have on your site. Again, blessings in the significant work you are doing. Durwin K. Liked Best: That women are accepted as equals into the order. Liked Least: Nothing comes to mind. Comments: I was impressed at how much you emphasize prayer, and make a life of prayer accessible to lay people who are usually very busy.

Manitoba, Canada. Liked Least: Old stuff like the Nicene Creed. What Could Be Improved?

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Modernize the robes, make them new, too. Like to See: Give me time this is my first time here. Comments: Colorful with lots and lots of information, with clear writing well organized. I like it. I know there has to be Christians like myself I am not a Catholic. What am I? A fifty-one year old married female Christian who became born-again 28 years ago.

I read the Bible cover to cover every year, most years. I have studied parts of the Bible thoroughly using the Precept Upon Precept method of inductive study. I seem to have been called to intercessory prayer if that helps to explain. I am a very committed Christian and my faith and my walk with the Lord is the most important thing in my life. I am surrounded by liberal Christians. I too have a dedication to solitude and quiet which is crucial to prayer and meditation and contemplation and Bible reading.

I am a wife and mother as well as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. My doctrines are Grace based, not works based. If you love Jesus you will obey His commandments— John Obedience is love based, not the means to salvation.

Vernon McGee and I have much in common theologically and I noticed that your website also endorsed his work. I wanted to share enough to let you know that my desire for like-minded people is very strong and it is highly possible that by finding all of you that I may have found some people who are similar to myself. Thank you for your time. I do appreciate the time it took to write to me and I have already added you and your ministry to my prayer list. I spend a lot of time at your website and I now understand that it is your ministry so I will continue to be on there.

Tacoma, Washington. Comments: I thanked God I found it immediately! Gripping render. Thanks for mentioning it. Particularly as it does not abridge the text.

The Power of a Praying Wife

On a separate note may I say thank you for attending the prayer ministry. I and the children of The School Room have benefitted greatly as we joined together in learning We learned 1 per week and then tacked them to the wall around the room as they were learnt. I would enjoy being able to worship and fellowship together. Liked Best: The whole premise of a monastic community via the Internet.

Liked Least: I don't know yet. Visit Site: Weekly. Age Group: Comments: I thought it was inspiring and stirred my spirit. Bob Massachusetts. Liked Least: Impossible to say - unless it's the small print, but that could be the way I have the computor set up : Like to See: Too early to say: I just went from page to page feeling delighted Something about St. John of the Cross and Julian of Norwich - maybe it's there and I haven't found it yet? Also Thomas a Kempis? Comments: Blew me away, we are New Zealanders of Celtic heritage, drawn to celtic expressions of faith, used to be 3rd order Franciscans : everything I looked at filled my heart and soul with delight, so many familiar images and writings.

So excited - we went to a Change the World School of Prayer in the 70's or early 80s - awesome, you guys seem to be on the same wavelength - I have needed this so much, you are an answer to prayer - sorry it's a bit garbled - blown away, thank you so much. Auckland, New Zealand. In my opinion I am impressed about everything.

Liked Best: If you train Christians to become leaders and bring changes in our world. Liked Least: None. Like to See: Leadership training and Pastoral materials that we can download. Comments: Keep it up. Very educative and informative. Spiritual building when taken very seriously.

Accra, Ghana. I mpression of Site? Liked Least: Silly, but the blue capital letters in your headings.

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What could be improved? Get rid of the blue capital letters I studied the language several years back but lack of use, Kansas not having many speakers, caused the learning to lapse. Comments: I am very impressed with the amount of information, prayer and other that you have linked within and externally. It will take me some time to wade through it all. The Lord has been doing wonderful things in my life; I have been married two years now and we are expecting a baby in May. My wife is born again from the Orthodox Church.

Please pray that I give the right tract to the right person and that the Lord move their heart towards the truth. Greetings my Beloved Brother and Sister in Christ! I have met the requirements thus far on my journey and wish to grow closer to God with each day. My life is full.

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I love your updated site and if you could, please send a new Monk Certificate and Card. I know how busy you are! Thank you very much! Hello, my name is Nathan and I am unable to ignore God's call any longer. I have been wrestling with it for over two years, but there's just no escaping it. I'm currently in my third year at seminary where I'll earn a master's in marriage and family therapy, as well as extensive training in scripture, theology, hermenutics, and ministry.

Please keep my calling and my ministry in your prayers. In Him, Nathan C. San Diego, California. Thank you. I have no call from the Lord Jesus Christ to be on your list as a monk. I am so happy you are encouraging people to preach the Gospel of Christ. Henry De S. Scotland, U. Going through the monastic training is energizing my prayer ministry very much. Especially singing St Patrick's Breastplate first thing every morning, establishes a foundation of peace and powerful connection to God.

I have it almost completely "by heart. Love the new stuff on the website! It has helped me a lot in my walk with the Lord. I am a non-denominational born again Christian woman. So I continue to study and continue to be taught by the Word. I have lots of family obligations, take care of my mom, work full time, and am an artist; so my life is quite hectic.

I have become fascinated by the monastic way of life the last several years. I have a wonderful chanting tape and book about an order of Monks. The Hours of praying the daily life and the serenity of their life. I praise God for that. I check the time of day and begin to pray at those times. I have not yet finished viewing all there is to see on your site but what I have seen has been a blessing to me. I sometimes use my art to witness with words of encouragement. I really felt like you were talking to me when you said many out there already are Monks in their heart …I know I am one.

I would like to get the card and wall hanging in reference to that. I am sorry to be so wordy -- but your site has me all jazzed up. I am very blessed by your work and direction. My husband and I were for 30 years Evangelical Charismatics. We converted to Catholic around 4 years ago after discovering the beauty of the ancient Church Fathers and the beauty of liturgical worship. My husband for 8 years headed the Christian Coalition for the state of Alabama and I directed a pro-life work in Montgomery Alabama for 18 years.

When my husband left the Christian Coalition 3 years ago, we moved to a 40 acre farm in rural Alabama. Our dream is that someday a monastery be located on or near our property…so God Bless your work. When we moved down here we turned off TV we do not have a TV. Because of this we have like you discovered the buried treasures of Christian movies. She encourages men and women to praise God during times of difficulty, sorrow, fear, abundance, and joy as a first reaction rather than a last resort.

Sharing personal stories, practical principles, and biblical truths, She offers step-by-step instruction on how to develop a consistent attitude of praise, worship, and thanksgiving to God. A sought-after media guest, Omartian has been interviewed numerous times on The Club U. Omartian and her husband, Michael, have written hundreds of songs, including the Christian musical, Child of the Promise.

It is a beautiful collection of familiar worship songs sung by various Christian musicians, plus original music by Michael and Stormie. Stormie says, "Michael has written some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard on this CD. It makes me cry every time I listen to it because I sense the Spirit of the Lord in it.

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