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History | Story behind Australia's 'biggest civilian monument' to a bushranger's victim

He was probably insane and given to murderous rages. He progressed to shooting a policeman without reason, and then began shooting unarmed people during his robberies. He shot anyone who stood against him, and then sometimes tried to nurse them back to health. He was known to torture his prisoners, but it was his beastly act, on the terrified wife of a suspected police informant, that frightened the surrounding population. She was forced to sit upon the flames of the kitchen stove, and it was only when she was well alight that he doused her with water. He grew more reckless and brutal, but it was his ego which finally brought him down.

An unfortunate hawker, Brasch, happened upon the scene and was also relieved of clothing, power flasks and jewellery. Morgan was tracked by police to the Piney Range Walbundrie before being lost to the scrub. Police Magistrate at Wagga on his way to Urana, but Morgan returned the purse and cheque upon being informed that he was a Police Magistrate.

Four days later Baylis was joined by Police trackers, but they were unable to find Morgan. However 3 days later they caught u with Morgan and Billy, a gunfight ensued and Baylis was wounded. Morgan later shot a shepherd known as Haley, whom he believed had betrayed him. In November he bailed up an outstation at Bulgandra, and it was alleged that he molested a shepherd's wife.

On 19 June he 'visited' Round Hill Station, confronting Mrs Watson the wife of the Manager at 11 am in the morning, demanding food. On her husband's return, a gunfight broke out between Morgan's men and the station hands. Station employee John McLean was sent for help, but Morgan changed his mind, chased him and fatally wounded him. He herded them into the carpenters shop and ordered the manager, Sam Watson to bring rum from the cellar.

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After partaking of rum Morgan demanded fresh horses, stating he would return them on the next visit, when mounting one of his pistols discharged, Morgan assumed that he was fired upon. He opened fire and wounded a neighbouring station and John Heriot in the leg, he then demanded that Watson stand still while he shot him dead, however Mrs.

Watson stood in front of her husband to shield him and pleaded with Morgan to spare her husband for the sake of the children, moved by her bravery, Morgan ordered Watson to place his hands in the air, Morgan fired a shot which shattered Watson's hand.

James Alpin McPherson

Later suspecting that McLean would return with the 'traps' police Morgan gave chase and shot McLean in the back. Again realising his mistake, Morgan returned to Round Hill Station with the wounded McLean and stayed with him until he died. Familiarise with the events and Morgan's state of mind they decided to give him away for that day, assuming that Morgan had only travelled a short distance and camped on the banks of the Billabong Creek.

The actual location of the grave is beneath the Kurrujong Tree in the depression to the right of the site, near the 'Round Hill' Woolshed built The original Round Hill Homestead is beyond the Woolshed built approx ad is still occupied.

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The Victorian police had boasted that if Morgan crossed the Murray he would be captured within 48 hours. The challenge was too great for Morgan and he crossed the river in April Within two days he had held up and robbed three properties, burned down haystacks and out buildings, and held up coaches on the Benalla Road.

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In one of his better moods he demanded that the occupants, the McPhersons , prepare a meal and provide him with entertainment. He kept the family in range of his gun. As the baby, Christina, kept crying in the next room, he angrily told a maid to 'go out and keep that brat quiet'.

The maid did so, but having calmed the child, she climbed through the window, raced to an adjoining property, gave the alarm, came back through the window and walked into the main room as though nothing had happened. Having had no sleep, Morgan left the house next morning to a welcoming party of some 40 armed police and volunteers. He was shot and later died at 2pm on April 9 Dan Morgan is buried in the Wangaratta Cemetery.

I am Ben hall - The Story behind the Bushranger

The site of the graves of two of Morgan's local victims. The story of Dan Morgan was made into a movie. Filmmaker Philippe Mora directed Dennis Hopper as the bushranger Dan 'Mad Dog' Morgan during the actor's wilderness years, when his reputation and behaviour made many in Hollywood too nervous to employ him. Making the movie and managing Hopper was a Gonzo-esque adventure, but Mora still admires the actor for his genius.

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Dennis Hopper recently said that acting in Mad Dog Morgan was one of his great life experiences. This from the man who directed Easy Rider at the age of An act of cultural brilliance, it changed cinema and the film industry forever.

pimmoney.com/ivyleaks2/profiles/2020-09-18/70.php He found work as a lay preacher and made friends with several people in Edgerton near Ballarat including a bank employee called L. Scott is believed to have kick-started his criminal pursuits by robbing Bruun of gold from the bank safe one May day in Although he managed to escape with the crime initially, and spent a few months living off his ill-gotten gains, the long arm of the law soon caught up with him when he was arrested for fraud.

Investigations also revealed he was behind the robbery of Bruun and Scott was sent to jail.

Victoria / NSW

Upon his release in , Scott soon returned to a life of crime after failing to find work in the draught stricken New South Wales. His bushranging days were however now numbered.

A shootout with police at Wantabadgery resulted in the deaths of two members of his gang including a dear friend of Scotts, James Nesbitt and a trooper. His dying wish of sharing a grave with Nesbitt however lay unfulfilled for over a century. His remains were finally exhumed from the Rookwood cemetery in Sydney and buried at the Gundagai cemetery near Nesbitt only in