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Yet Murphy fished from an aluminum boat that looked like it was rescued from a salvage dump. To catch a monster bass, or to see how many toys you can accumulate? Will this be your year to catch a wallhanger bass? It could be, if you follow the tips in this article!

Therefore, it stands to reason that bass that spend most of their time in shallow, weedy water will stand the best chance of living a long life and attaining large size. They rely on their eyes far more than other sensory organs, including their lateral lines, when hunting for a meal. Hannon says big bass feed more often during the high-light period of the day, when they can see best.

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Will this be the year you finally catch a giant bass? Make it a brand new ballgame by abandoning your usual fishing approaches and focusing on the lures and presentations that will connect you with the bass of your dreams. Your email:. Story by Don Wirth.

Key Selling Points: Creative and innovative strategies and techniques to catch really big fish. Detailed information about "big bait" choice, use, and presentation. The real "secrets" of finding and hooking big bass. Review This Product. Welcome to Loot.

Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews Throw out the rulebook -- it's time to learn something new!

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The Big Bass Zone provides the fresh ideas you need to you shift your focus from just catching fish to catching the big ones. Authors Michael Jones and Bill Siemantel have drawn on years of practical experience to break the mold of traditional bass fishing developing new lures and exploring new techniques. Instead of relying on the conventional wisdom of fishermen, the authors discard the baggage of traditional bass fishing and look for answers from the fish themselves. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one!

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